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(edit) @90   2 months chronos
  • Modified: Updated Common package files.
  • Modified: Updated link to project website.
(edit) @89   2 months chronos
  • Fixed: Wrong SQL column name.
(edit) @88   10 months chronos
  • Added: Viewport HTML tag for mobile devices.
(edit) @87   10 months chronos
  • Added: Allow to add multiple values in single query.
(edit) @86   23 months chronos
  • Fixed: Infinite loop if no value are stored for selected measure.
(edit) @85   23 months chronos
  • Fixed: Not working time marks for long time span graphs.
(edit) @84   23 months chronos
  • Added: Ability to move view to the left and right by one period and also to the left and right most measured value.
  • Added: New period "All" to show all measured values.
(edit) @83   2 years chronos
  • Fixed: Install correctly .htaccess file.
(edit) @82   2 years chronos
  • Fixed: Wrong function call in postinst and postrm deb scripts.
(edit) @81   3 years chronos
  • Modified: Updated project home page links.
  • Fixed: Remove rows with zero date from data tables before upgrade.
(edit) @80   3 years chronos
  • Added: Upgrade code to rename columns to have first capital name in all data tables.
(edit) @78   3 years chronos
  • Modified: Admin page converted to Admin module.
(edit) @77   3 years chronos
  • Modified: Write error message also to error log file.
  • Fixed: Removed executable files from non-executable files.
(edit) @76   3 years chronos
  • Added: Basic Ubuntu packaging files.
(edit) @75   3 years chronos
  • Fixed: Do not start session for new value addition.
(edit) @74   3 years chronos
  • Modified: Do not start session if new measured value is added over web API to avoid creation huge number of session files on server.
(edit) @73   3 years chronos
  • Added: Updated SQL initialization file for data table.
(edit) @72   3 years chronos
  • Fixed: Error if exact time range was specified.
(edit) @71   3 years chronos
  • Added: Allow add new values with specified Time parameter.
  • Modified: Use database table columns with names with first capital letter.
(edit) @70   3 years chronos
  • Added: Missing Measure Page file.
  • Added: Measure module table SQL create and remove.
(edit) @69   4 years chronos
  • Modified: Use object oriented approach for page drawing using Application class.
  • Added: SQL updated will be automatic using UpdateTrace?.php file.
  • Added: Use generic setup page at URL /setup for SQL structure update.
  • Modified: Update Common package to newer version.
(edit) @68   4 years chronos
  • Fixed: Check also IP address of allowed host name in add script. This solve problem if IP address have multiple host names (DNS A records).
(edit) @67   4 years chronos
  • Added: Preparation for automatic database structure update.
(edit) @66   4 years chronos
  • Moved: Measure scripts should be part of client, not statistic web itself.
(edit) @65   4 years chronos
  • Added: Comment to Measure methods.
(edit) @64   4 years chronos
  • Modified: Basic application related code moved from Global.php to separate file Application.php.
  • Modified: Main index page converted to PHP class.
(edit) @63   4 years chronos
  • Renamed files to new names with first letter big.
  • Removed: Old unused files.
(edit) @62   4 years chronos
  • Modified: stat_functions changed to PHP class.
(edit) @61   4 years chronos
  • Added: Used ErrorHandler? class Common package.
  • Removed: Unused files.
(copy) @60   5 years chronos
  • Moved old branch as trunk.
copied from branches/old:
(edit) @59   5 years chronos
  • Moved trunk as mvc branch.
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