ChronOS is attempt to build operating system using high level programming language to build high level operating system which can run on top of other operating systems. Here other operating systems serve as virtual hardware. Top-down design process is used to achieve immediately usable results. As high level language was chosen Delphi language (object pascal). At first stage system should run as application for underlaying system. Later custom compiler should be created to be able also target existed hardware platforms and also custom virtual machine.

Key characteristics:

  • High level operating system
  • Top-down design
  • Delphi language used for programming
  • Free & open source (FOSS)


Gradually all classic parts of operating system should be implemented.

  • Kernel
  • Configuration manager
  • File system
  • Timers
  • User access control
  • Screen management (graphical objects)
  • Sound manager
  • Printing

Kernel parts:

  • Task manager (scheduler, priority, synchronization)
  • Device drivers manager
  • Memory manager
  • Interprocess communication (IPC)
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Memory protection (if supported)
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